Capacity Building


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Grantee Capacity Building 

We aid foundations and other organizations that fund grassroots programs, policy and/or advocacy work when they need strong metrics to show investment impacts. When possible this can include the establishment of shared measures. It may also include working directly with grantees to help them build an evaluation framework, select measures, and utilize evidence-based approaches or promising emerging approaches. We help build capacity within grantee organizations by providing them with the tools and skills needed to measure outcomes, as well as leave infrastructure in place for sustainability. 


Organizational Strategic Planning and Capacity Building

Foundations and other funders that are in the process of building infrastructure, developing or looking to improve a grant program, or need help in strategizing areas of focus, can benefit from our involvement in strategic planning. We provide evidence-based and practical actionable steps that will increase investment efficiencies and improve community impact. We can help identify the how, what and why, and relate them to your return on investment.