Kelli Gruber, MPH

Research Associate


 Areas of Expertise

  • Measuring impact of nutrition and poverty on developing and managing chronic diseases
  • Examining rural-urban disparities with regard to nutrition and physical activity among children
  • Interventions focused on improving the nutritional quality of meals and snacks provided at school

Food Story

Growing up in a farming family taught Gruber to appreciate food from an early age. It’s safe to say corn was her favorite vegetable growing up.  When she was a kid she would help her mom pick sweet corn off the stalk from a field behind their house. Her mom had a garden most years so they would enjoy fresh spinach, tomatoes, peppers and other veggies. With strong ties to food production, it seems fitting that she came from a family of talented cooks. Gruber was fortunate to grow up on homemade meals and very little fast food. She has no doubt this helped shape her interest in food and her healthy eating habits as an adult. She first studied the roles of food and nutrition on health in undergrad and has a continued interest in how nutrition can prevent and reduce disease.

Academic History

M.P.H., Epidemiology,
University of Nebraska Medical Center, 2014

B.S., Biology,
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2010