Services for Foundations

Evidence-Based Program Development
and Capacity Building


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Grantmaker and Grantee Support  

We aid foundations and other organizations that fund healthy eating and active living public health initiatives and promote policy advocacy work to build strong metrics and processes to show investment impacts. 

This includes support for grantmakers as they prepare for funding opportunities, such as the development of a robust Request for Proposal (RFP) and review process, assessing grantee readiness, as well as recommending and piloting evaluation strategies for grantmakers and their grantees. We utilize best practices in measurement that can help grantmakers develop a shared measurement system grounded in common and aligned goals to effectively measure their ROI across grantees and initiatives. 

Working directly with grantees, may include consultation to help them build an evaluation framework, select appropriate measures, implement evidence-based programming and/or explore promising emerging approaches. We help build capacity within grantee organizations by providing them with the tools and skills needed to measure outcomes, as well as help develop infrastructure for long-term program sustainability. 

Aside from an overarching program evaluation to assess the impact of a particular initiative, we also conduct “lessons learned” evaluations to inform future replication, and provide recommendations for any relevant adaptations and improvements for that initiative or application of lessons learned to other similar initiatives moving forward. Additionally, we have significant experience conducting evaluations aimed at informing grantee re-authorization decisions for grantmakers. 

Our grantmaker support services include:

  • Development of RFPs, scoring criteria, review processes, and final reporting strategies
  • Grantee readiness assessment 
  • Shared measures development and accompanying implementation and training among grantees
  • Program evaluation to inform grantee re-authorization and/or program replication (lessons learned)

Recent projects include:

  • Created a healthy food access survey to support shared measures across multiple partners, as well as modified an RFP, provided assistance with grantee selection, and support and training to grantees on data collection, management and analysis.
  • Worked with grantees to develop capacity for measurement and evaluation. These grantees all worked within the areas of food access and local food systems. We conducted a review of existing programs and metrics and made recommendations for each of the four organizations. In addition, pilot data collection was carried out to demonstrate the impact of these existing programs.
  • Developed a new RFP, scoring criteria and review process for an obesity prevention grant mechanism, as well as provided evaluation and technical assistance consultation to grantees, led a learning collaborative and helped to inform key metrics for final reporting.
  • Evaluated lessons learned, grantee organizational capacity and technical assistance, as well as how best to integrate health equity for grantees. 
  • Evaluated several programs across content areas (e.g., Latino health, healthy eating, active living) to aid in reauthorization decisions and program improvements. 

Scientific Strategic Planning for Organizations

Foundations and other funders that are in the process of building infrastructure, developing or looking to improve a grant program, or need help in strategizing areas of focus, can benefit from our involvement in strategic planning. We provide evidence-based and practical actionable steps that will increase investment effectiveness and improve community impact. We can help identify the how, what and why, and relate them to your ROI.