Montana Food Bank Network

Missoula, Montana

Evaluate the Montana Food Bank Network’s Mail-a-Meal program. This funding and partnership will help to assess whether participating in the Mail-a-Meal program results in long-term positive outcomes, such as improving the overall health of an individual, household or community that has a large number of participants.

Funded Program

Mail-a-Meal, unique to Montana and not offered in any other state, works to reach food-insecure Montanans through either direct home delivery or drop-site distribution of a 30-pound box of shelf-stable food once per month. The program is available to eligible counties in rural, remote, low-population areas without access to emergency food assistance or nutritious, quality food. Seniors can receive low-sugar, low-sodium and whole grain options in order to meet their specific nutritional needs. 

About Montana Food Bank Network

Montana Food Bank Network (MFBN) is Montana’s only statewide food bank. They work with Feeding America, and distribute food across the state, where 30 of 56 counties are considered food deserts by USDA standards. MFBN has several programs including BackPack program, School Pantry, Mail-a-Meal, Hunters Against Hunger, Grocery Rescue and SNAP Application Assistance. MFNB helps meet around 5% of the total food needs of some larger, urban partners while meeting almost 100% of the need in rural areas.

Mission: End hunger in Montana through food acquisition and distribution, education and advocacy.